Monday, 24 October 2011

Occupy The Couch

The Occupy The Couch movement has a theoretical chance of success, given an ample amount of solidarity on the part of the 99%.  The 1% rules through the fear of cutting the 99% off from their accredited portion of capital.  If a significant number of 99%ers just said: enough is enough, quit going to work, quit paying their bills, emptied their bank accounts, put as little money back into the economy as feasible & bartered whenever possible... effectively they would "Occupy The Couch", and accomplish far more than the clever sign marchers & drum circle hippies. 
Creditors would call, but with a sudden glut in their workload they'd never be able to keep up.  Unless the telemarketers decided to Occupy The Couch; as well they should, as they are the most enslaved peons in corporate history. Average folks would hurt a little more than usual, certainly, but the corporations would collapse like the houses of straw they are.  If every 99%er that was current with their bills skipped the maximum “lapse in payment” timeframe all at once, huge corporations would be the ones scrambling to make ends meet, instead of vice-versa.
A major obstacle is the average person’s blurred perception of “want versus need”.  Human beings are hardwired to want more; this isn’t greed, its simple survival instinct locked into overdrive by a consumerist society.  Would a month of eating beans & KD kill you? No, but that month’s end victory steak dinner would taste better than Raymond K Hessel’s post Tyler Durden encounter breakfast!
Another problem is the small business owner, especially those on the cusp of becoming a member of the 1%.  These folks would be the most vociferous enemies of the movement, & no one could blame them either.  They’ve spent more waking hours planning & building a dream that most of us would abandon from sheer exhaustion.  When you play the game that hard it must be nearly impossible to see how ensconced you are by rules that have primarily served your interests all along.
The core concept here is that a master is powerless without slaves. Unfortunately, we have convinced ourselves that we are obligated to our own desires, & free to our differing opinions.  Occupy The Couch is a fictional hypotheses that will never happen.  Its preemptive failure is assured by & centered on a lack of solidarity.  The Occupy Wall Street movement started strong, and reached further than projected due to social media awareness.  This all quickly became diluted with other parallel factions with similar goals, again the social media network helped to bolster the support.  Then it tangentialized like a crystal meth addicted spider’s web, with facts & opinions degenerating into a fractal of chaos.  In just a month, the social media has turned the legitimate concerns of the Occupy movement into a running joke…
I’m not the problem, nor am I the solution.  I’m the guy who’s going to make a stale peanut butter & rancid cranberry sauce sandwich on moldy bread… then I’m going to Occupy The Couch.

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